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3 Autumn Color Combinations for Every Man

3 Autumn Color Combinations for Every Man

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the color of changing leaves, pumpkin flavored beer, cabins in the woods, and a brisk chill in the air, all points to the autumn season. This is one of my favorite times of the year, but I would be fine without the rain. Autumn also means that it’s time to put away our summer wardrobe and pull out our autumn style for the next few months.


When it comes to autumn colors most men play it safe and stick to colors such as orange, burgundy, light brown, and apple colored reds. Would you be interested in changing up the color in your wardrobe? In this article we are going offer you 3 color combinations for autumn that every man can wear. Keep in mind that we are breaking away from traditional autumn colors.

Combo #1: Blue and Green

Guys its time to retire those baby blue and light green colors until next year. The idea here is to go a little more on the darker side. You are going to want fall weather colors such as military green and navy. Explore your options with this color combination.


Two articles of clothing that are worth the investment for ever man is an overcoat that is either navy or military green. Having both would be idea, but only if you can afford it. I personally own a Ralph Lauren military green overcoat. The beauty of these colors is that they will work with black and grey. If you are not ready for the overcoat, you can always invest in a heavier well-knitted cardigan.


Combo #2: Black and Brown

Don’t give us any crazy looks regarding this color combination. Black and light brown are timeless and classic complementing colors for your autumn wardrobe. Get out of the box with this color combination. Don’t worry, no one will have the guts to tell you otherwise. Try it.

Black Blazer

It can be a little expensive, but having a light brown overcoat will compliment a solid black turtle neck well. You can also pull off the opposite. Also consider the power of laying your color combinations. A great way to go is with a classic with button up dress shirt, paired with a grey cardigan, and a solid black blazer.

Black Chinos

Keep it dress casual with black chinos and a brown leather jacket. Finally, wear a nice pair of Frank and Oak tan brown chinos, white street shoes, a classic white T-shirt, covered with a black zip up hoodie.

Combo #3: Navy and Yellow

Blazer&yellow sweater

Since you already have navy blue as once of your staple colors, we thought we should take advantage of it and create some versatility. Keep your navy blue and allow it to pop with some yellow. For the gentleman in the office you can always wear a navy blue sport coat with a yellow tie.


If you’re looking for a more casual look take your options to the next level by adding a yellow cardigan with a navy-denim jacket and a pair of tan chinos.


Have some fun and use your colors to accent your clothing as well. Try wearing a navy blazer, with a yellow pocket square, dark green dress pants, and solid yellow socks.

 Balzer&yellow socksConclusion

Gentlemen here is your opportunity to take your autumn wardrobe to the next level this year and stand out among others. Start slow and add one combination at a time and then move on to two combinations. Learn to mix and match with what you have as well. If you have any suggestions or questions please reach out to us. Thank you again so much for your continued support.

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