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4 “Go-To” Accessories for Your Autumn Wardrobe

4 “Go-To” Accessories for Your Autumn Wardrobe

In our last article “3 Autumn Color Combinations For Every Man” we encouraged you to jump out of your standard fall wardrobe “box” and be a little adventurous. With the rapid changes in weather patterns the main parts of your body maybe protected from the elements, but we can’t forget some remaining places.Cover

By now you’re probably pretty confident in you layering abilities and have found the suitable lip balm protection as well and keeping your handsome face moist and “dry skin” free. But your feet, head, hands, and neck need proper protecting too. Here are four timeless accessories that we highly suggest you start purchasing now for the autumn months, but keep in mind these are staples for the seasons to come.

Beanies and Trapper Hats


One of the easiest and classic ways of keeping your head warm is with a beanie. This piece of head wear provides the needed warmth for your head while giving your wardrobe some style. If you decide to wear a beanie please wear a fitted one. The last thing you want is one that droops or hangs down over your eyebrows.

They come in multiple colors, but keep your beanies slogan free. Another suggestive option we would like to present to you is the trapper hat. This choice is a little outside of the box, but it’s a classic. The beauty of the trapper hat is it’s particularly, but it provides some out-of-the-box style.



Scarves are fantastic autumn pieces for every gentleman. With a scarf a man can use it to protect his neck from the elements of fall and winter or he can loosen it up and wear it as a layer or an accessory.


Take your time choosing the right scarf for your taste. You have a few options such as cashmere, blended materials or wool.


I personally am a huge fan of men’s gloves. If you’re going to invest in any autumn accessories gloves are a great place to start. Obviously and the most critical function of a gentleman’s gloves is to protect his hands from the elements of rain, cold, and even snow.


Where should you start? It depends on what you like personally, but a nice pair of suede gloves lined with sheepskin or a pair made from leather. Stay away from the “mittens” and invest in a grey, mustard yellow, dark blue, or wine colored pair.

brown Leather

Finally if you’re looking to keep a pair in your car for the changing seasons and also along the lines of “preparedness,” we suggest using knitted gloves. These types of gloves cost less and are more suited for the situation. Plus if you ruin them, you’re not at a loss financially.

Knit gloves



O.K. so the reality of your socks stealing the show in cold weather is pretty minimal, but again every gentleman needs to dress well regardless of the season. Your socks, like any other accessory, should have a two-fold purpose. You will need to trade in your thin layered socks for a few pairs that are made from a much thicker material. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth and protection.


Here are two suggestions for you that can work well. First on those days that really don’t matter or you’re not at the office, we suggest wearing wool boot socks. A pair of wool boot socks will keep your toes warm, your feet comfortable and add an extra layer of warmth from your ankles to your calves.


Now if you’re working for the day, we suggest either going with a medium weight sock or ones that are ribbed. Don’t forget to include fun patterns and colors.


Gentlemen make some needed adjustments to your autumn wardrobe and get what you need to stay warm and stylish. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re caught off guard. Be wise and plan ahead. Did we miss anything? We would love to hear your suggestions on autumn accessories. Thank you again for all of your support.

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