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A Clean Car Matters: Five Surefire Ways to Keep It Clean

A Clean Car Matters: Five Surefire Ways to Keep It Clean

Have you ever found yourself inside a car that made your skin crawl, or worse yet, felt something crawling on your skin? You may be laughing, but the truth is it happens. Gentlemen we may not think a dirty car on the inside or the outside really matters, but it does. Why should it especially when we’re not parading around the city in luxury car. It’s simple: the cleanliness of a man’s car is the reflection of his character.

2nd Car

Show us the inside of any man’s car and we will tell you what his house or more likely his parent’s house looks like. A guy’s car is just another extension of his home and privacy. Ladies, if you want to know what the future holds for you and that man you’re dating, be sure to get a sneak a peek at the inside of his car. It may sound ridiculous but in this article we are going to give you the steps you may need to take to keep your car up to speed in the world of cleanliness.

rule #1 don’t eat in your car.

It can be easy to mistake your car for a mobile home at times, but the reality is…it’s not. The first thing every man needs to do is quit eating in his car. If you think you’re multitasking by driving and stuffing your face with fast food or your brown bag lunch it’s not multitasking.

Fast Food

What you are successfully doing is dropping condiments on your seats, spilling food between the seats, under the them, and on the seats, and then creating an aroma of fast food that will eventually make your car smell disgusting. Guys if your car is your “mobile office” keep it smelling fresh and looking clean. If you worked in a professional environment your boss wouldn’t allow such things. If you’re hungry, pull over and eat inside. Keep track of your time on the road and plan ahead accordingly so you can stop and eat outside of your car.

rule #2: keep it professional.

I mentioned a few sentences ago about your car being your “mobile office.” If you drive for your occupation then here are a few things to consider. First, invest in some type of plastic bins that can be sealed with a lid. Look for ones that can easily be stored in your trunk and can hold your files neatly without destroying them. When you meet with a client, do you want to hand them a crumpled up piece of paper? I didn’t think so.


Second, keep all of your pens, pencils, and electronics in a separate bin and not lose in your back seat. The roads we all travel are filled with twists, abrupt stops, turns, potholes, and crazy people. The last thing any man needs to be doing once he arrives at his appointment is trying to locate all of his writing utensils and electronic devices. This also works great in case of an emergency, because everything you need is located in one spot.


Finally, if you actually have trash in your car aside from food wrappers, make sure you always have a small spare trash bag available. You don’t want anything to bulky, just something small and simple. Collect your trash and dump it once you pull over to gas up or arrive at your destination.

rule #3: get the inside detailed.

Car Detailing

Everyone wants to save money and I agree with that whole hearted. At the same time, unless you detail cars for a living, spend the money to have it done. We have all seen the inside of the car windshield that has streaks, the dust or lint balls in the vents, the thin blanket of dust covering the radio, and that small pile of crumbs in the upper right corner under the gas pedal that you were too lazy to vacuum. Just take Jerry Seinfeld’s word for it in the video below.

Getting your car professionally detailed takes care of all of those issues for you. Do yourself a favor financially and do your homework before you commit to this step. Real gentlemen know how to manage their finances. Check around at major car dealerships near you. Many times they have what they call “Auto Butler” services for cars. You can generally pay monthly or yearly for this service. It can include inside detailing, outside wash, waxing, and outer detailing. It’s worth it. Finally consider places such as Delta Sonic that offer packages that can be purchased on-demand.

rule #4: be considerate of others.

Gentlemen let me lay this out for you. Loud, obnoxious, booming, thundering bass amps have their time and place. If you’re in your mid 30’s and getting older it’s time to make this a hobby, not a lifestyle. I remember the last time I pulled in for a dinner meeting with my bass screaming one of Drake’s famous hits and all my colleagues were so impressed. Oh wait…THAT NEVER HAPPENED! Don’t be that guy. Be considerate of others when listening to music in your car. People do pay attention.

rule #5: get your car washed.

Car Washing

Please see the value in getting your car washed. I am sorry, but just because you don’t wash it, allow mud and grease to accumulate and then have 40 million people write “Wash me” on it, does not make it mobile art work. Wash your freaking car! It’s not rocket science guys. The inside of your car can look like the Hilton, but if the outside is dirty no one cares.

Wash Me

Remember the way we take care of our cars is a reflection of our character and homes. First, if you have never learned how to wash a car I will kill you. I’m just joking with you. Get off the couch and learn how to wash your car. Second, if you’re going to an important meeting, attending a wedding, a funeral, or planning to propose to your girlfriend, get your car professionally washed. It’s worth the price.


Gentlemen keep that car of yours clean and attractive. Creating some “eye candy” for the ladies is more than just dressing well. Follow these steps and apply them weekly or every two weeks and you’ll do just fine.

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