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Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant

Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant

Can you tell the difference between those concepts? Probably, not immediately. The market makes no clear distinction between these types of perspiration and body odor reducing products. People often get confused about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. This is understandable, because many deodorants usually have antiperspirant in them. Nevertheless, there is a difference and we looked deep into the way deodorants and antiperspirant work to make things clearer to you.

difference deodorant vs antiperspirant


A deodorant, as the name implies, is primarily used to mask or suppress the body odor with a pleasant fragrance, not to prevent sweating completely. However, nowadays many brands work to improve the benefits of deodorant, introducing new, improved types. There are deodorants based on 100% organic components and chemical-containing deodorants.

It is also to make your own natural deodorant at home.


Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants are supposed to prevent or stop sweating and, therefore, avoid body odor. It happens due to special chemicals that close the sweat pores under your arms, preventing perspiration

Are there deodorants with antiperspirants?

Yes. These products are called deodorant antiperspirants and offer you perspiration-preventing effect of antiperspirant and body odor-combating properties of deodorant. Deodorant antiperspirants are widely available at the market and made by many famous brands like Nivea, Rexona, Dove, etc.

Deodorant or antiperspirant: which one is better?

To be fair, deodorant is a better and more preferable option that antiperspirant. Moreover, a natural deodorant is more preferable than any chemical-containing products. First of all, chemicals (Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly in particular) are the ones to blame for those hideous yellow spots that appear under your armpits and stain your clothing. Therefore, all antiperspirants and chemical deodorants have a chance of ruining your outfit.

Health concern is another reason for not using antiperspirants or chemical products.

While the antiperspirant sweat prevention is really effective, clogging the pores interferes with the natural body temperature regulation, which is not exactly healthy in the long run. Moreover, chemicals in antiperspirants can be too aggressive and cause irritation, reddening, itching or even swelling if you have cuts on your underarm skin. Meanwhile, natural deodorants are a lot more mild to the skin and don’t cause any allergic reactions.

But if the main difference between antiperspirant and body spray is sweat reduction, how a deodorant is going to help with perspiration?

Luckily, natural deodorant producers have an answer to that question. There are natural deodorants that have mineral salts among their ingredients. Such deodorants are as good at drying the underarm skin and preventing wet spots and body odor as any antiperspirants, however, what makes them even better, is the lack of side effects.

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