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How to Rock a V-Neck T-Shirt Like a Boss

How to Rock a V-Neck T-Shirt Like a Boss

There seems to be so many battles between articles on the internet about the V-neck T-shirt.  “Where them,” “Don’t wear them.” What on earth is a gentleman to do?!  I will be honest with you, and I am sure many of you will be shocked, but I wear v-neck t-shirts on a regular basis.  That’s right.  The Gentleman Advisor rocks the V-neck t-shirt.

Here at The Gentleman Advisor we are huge advocates on the theory that what you wear actually reflects your character on the inside.  Sure many pointless arguments can be drawn from the previous statement, but let’s get over our self-esteem issues and be real with each other.  We don’t dress sloppy because we don’t know how to dress respectfully.  We dress in an un-kept way because we’re lazy on the inside.  We choose not to apply ourselves.

In this article we are going to to show you how and when to rock a V-neck t-shirt like a boss.


We want to clarify that this is not an article about v-neck undershirts.  We are going to guide you through the fantastic world of outer v-neck t-shirts.  Let’s stop wasting your time and get down to business.

don’t wear your v-neck with…

Gentlemen the v-neck is not meant to be worn when you have no clue what to pair with your jeans shorts, or pajamas for that matter.  This classic shirt has it’s perfect place.  What’s important is that we moved beyond what we’re comfortable with.


Think in the realm of “color” to start with.  Stop wearing white v-necks all the time with literally everything in your wardrobe.  Think “color” and add it to your v-neck collection. Color is good, but don’t go overboard with bright and annoying colors. Keep them simple.


Second, look at what you actually have in your wardrobe. If you keep wearing the same pair of jeans, same pair of shorts, and the same three shirts, it’s time to face your reality. You’re in a rut and have no clue, but everyone else sees it. Your v-necks can be worn with cardigans, jeans, chinos, khakis, shorts, and even with a blazer.

Consider these elements…


Wearing your v-neck is half the battle.  So what is the second half of the battle? There are two specific elements that every gentleman needs to consider before and after wearing his v-neck t-shirt.

First, if you’re the type of guy who proudly displays a jungle of hair on his chest this is for you.  Listen, hair on your chest isn’t bad…when you keep it trimmed like a gentleman.  Guys keep your chest hair clean and properly trimmed.  The last thing any on-looker needs, is to be scared when they see you approaching.

Jude Law

You may think your chest hair makes that v-neck look epic, but wildly springing from your v-neck, makes it look like Freddy Krueger is trying to escape. Keep your chest hair trimmed if you want to rock that v-neck.

Freddy Krueger

Second, don’t be afraid to accessorize. Don’t let your neck and t-shirt go out in public naked. Do them some favors and take care of them with accessories. Think of it this way. Once you wear your v-neck, your neckline is more exposed and looks a tad boring. A simple silver chain or a necklace with a pendant will go well. Another great option to consider is wearing a necklace with wooden beads.



Gentlemen it’s time to go and rock those v-necks that are tucked away in your dresser. Get a little adventurous and purchase a few new ones with color. Take the needed steps and let us know what changes you made.  We want to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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