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How to Wear a Tie In the Summer

How to Wear a Tie In the Summer

Spring is here and summer is on its way.  The seasons are changing, but our work environment not so much.  For some men, dress code isn’t an issue for their work place because casual dress is acceptable. In some offices “casual” means wearing a tie without a blazer or sport coat.  Then we have wedding season.  It seems that everyone you know is inviting you to their wedding this summer and that means you have to dress for the occasion, which might include wearing a tie.

Ties have slowly graduated from the standard Father’s Day gift to more of an accessory for a man’s personal style.  Wearing a tie can be tricky and the last thing any man needs is being uncomfortable with a noose around his neck.  If you’re going to wear one, you want to be comfortable and rock it at the same time. Today we are going to give you a few ideas on how to wear a tie in the summer.  Plus we’re throwing in some bonuses on how to avoid having tie issues.

Early Age Necktie

The origin of neckties was not always found in “fashion” history. They were actually found within the world of history. One of the first origins we find the primitive man would take feathers and decorate them around their necks. It was simple primitive fashion statement.

What has been found is that the men’s necktie was invented in Croatia. This is where the word “Cravat” comes from. “Cravat” is how they say necktie in most European languages and in Spanish. The origins of the necktie were first recognized as the use of neck tied fabric as part of personal style attire among the Croatians.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Necktie history dates back around 330 years before the New Millennium. Even the Croatian mercenary soldiers wore unique neckties on the battlefield. Napoleon Bonaparte, known as a man of power was always sporting a neck tied cloth. Slowly over time the Duke and Duchess of Windsor introduced the Windsor Necktie Knot to the fashion world. These are just a few examples of the necktie origin.

Types of neck Ties.

Ties come in almost every shape and size these days.  There seems to be a buffet of prints, different fabrics, or even ones that make noise.  Do all the men in the world a huge favor and remove any ties from your wardrobe that make noise, tell a story, or move mechanically.  So what are the types of ties you want to be modeling in the summer?

There are wool, velvet, cotton, linen, silk, and knitted ties.  We need to make a quick note here for your personal benefit.  Try really hard to stay away from purchasing a tie with a matching pocket square.  Sure it’s easy to match, but awful.  Take your personal style to a new level and purchase a pocket square separately from your tie.  You’ll thank us later for this decision.

neck Ties for the summer.

The first step we would encourage you to do is separate your ties according to season.  This may sound ridiculous and a waste of time, but we guarantee you it won’t be.  Choosing to separate your ties by season will actually save you the massive headache of trying to figuring out what tie to wear in the summer when you’re rushed.  Second, each tie is made of different material and by separating your ties, you will be light years ahead for you next date, work day or special event.

Summer weather means wearing clothing that keeps us cooler.  Linen is generally a popular choice for the summer and it tends to be a little more on the causal side.  There is no reason to fear.  We suggest putting away your ties that are made from cotton.  This is the time to break out your silk ties.

Silk ties are perfect for the entire year, but summer is the best season for them to shine (No pun intended). Here are a view of our style looks that you can generate some ideas from for your personal wardrobe.

Finally if you want to remain physically cool then consider wearing a silk knit tie.  Knit ties add that extra edge that you need for your personal style.  Keep in mind that a silk knit tie is the most casual tie of all, but you can pull it off with a sport coat.  Have fun choosing your knit tie and pay attention to the different types of weaves and variations of the tie.  When it comes time to store it after you wear it simply roll it up and put it away.  Do not hang to with the rest of your ties or it will stretch out and ruin your tie.

misguided fundamentals.

Okay so we have established some basic direction that will get you moving in the right direction for this coming summer season.  We must return to the fundamentals before we bring this all to a close.  Unfortunately what we are about to discuss seems to be common sense, but at the same time men across the map are misguided.    

No-No #1: Novelty Ties.

Ties that are walking billboards for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc. should not be worn…ever.  Enough said.

No-No #2: The Too Short Tie.

Gentleman we see this constantly.  When your tie is properly ties, the tip should end at the middle of your belt buckle at maximum.  Anything longer that should be retied.

No-No #3: The Stained or Wrinkled Tie.

Wearing a tie says a lot about your character as a man.  At the same time you want people to focus on your eyes and your face, not your tie.  What is even worse is when they are focused on the sauce stain of that chilli cheese dog you crushed during lunch. Guys, protect you ties and if they’re wrinkled, iron them.  Hang them on a tie wrack or on a hanger so it can straighten out.

No-No #4: The Poorly Tied Tie.

This is pretty simple.  A poorly tied tie can include the wrong width for your collar or an uneven tie.

No-No #5: Accessory Overkill.

Always keep it simple.  Simple is timeless and dapper at the same time.  Have you ever seen the back of a smart phone cover that is all “binged” out with rhinestones and fourteen thousand images?  It’s an eye sore.  In the same manner have a collar pin, tie bar, and a tie pin is overkill.  Choose one accessory and leave it at that.


Gentlemen ties are always powerful pieces of apparel and should be considered when needed.  Consider expanding your necktie collection and start wearing one every now and then without having to have a reason.  If you’re looking for affordable and quality ties then we suggest The Tie Bar.

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