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The Gentleman’s Beard

The Gentleman’s Beard

There is no escaping the fact that the man’s beard is back.  Two elements that have always defined “manliness” with any gentleman are mustaches and beards.  In the past we have posted about the gentleman’s facial hair, but today we are taking a few minutes to focus on the gentleman’s beard.

Sorry, but were not going to go in depth on how to grow a beard or what types of products to use in your beard.  If you’re looking for some fantastic articles on that topic we suggest you check Beard Brand.   Perhaps you have a manly beard already or you’re in the adventurous process of growing one, regardless we have a few tips for you to consider that will make your beard look epic.

Neckline.  Let’s start at the back of our necks gentlemen.  I am sure you’re thinking right now what does our neckline have to do with our beards?  It has everything to do with it.  You can have a trimmed beard, but a hairy untrimmed neckline makes everything else on your face look shaggy, un-kept, and un-proportionate.  Take some time every two weeks to trim up your neckline.

Trim the Cheeks.  I’m talking about the cheeks on your face guys.  Sometimes our cheeks act as a safe haven for rouge hairs.  We spend all that time trimming our beards and creating those perfect chin lines, only to have patches of rogue hairs staring back at our observers.  When you shave, be sure to lather up your cheeks with some shave cream and shave them carefully.

Nose Hair.  Gentleman our nose hair has never been meant to be a part of our mustache or beard on our face.  It should never be so long that it blends into your mustache.  The truth is your best male friend won’t get close enough to your face to see it.  Your girlfriend, fiancé or wife on the other hand will notice those furry cliffhangers.  Take a few minutes twice a week to trim your nose hair.

The Upper Lip.  Let me make this simple for all of you.  Unless you have a handle bar mustache your upper lip should be trimmed on a regular basis.  There is nothing more distracting than when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone while his lip hair is dancing uncontrollably.  Keep your upper lip clean gentlemen.

Neck Hair.  Finally, I am sorry to report this devastating news to you, but neck beards are not in and they never will be.  When it comes to shaving your neck don’t shave it all the way up to your chin unless you are sporting a “chin strap” beard. A great way to create your beard line on your neck is to do the following.  Stand up straight while facing the mirror.  Next, the hair on your neck should be visible from your chin down.  Please see the picture below.

Beard Oil.  What is beard oil right?  My friends prepare yourselves to love me forever if you have a beard.  I never used to use beard oil for my beard until a while ago when a friend of mine suggested it to me.  Beard oil is generally a blend of specific essential oils that are combined with natural fragrant oils.  This little concoction of oils gives your man-beard a healthy look and carries a great smell.  The reason I suggest using beard oil is because it will decrease the itching, softens your facial hair, reduces irritation, hydrates and conditions your beard.  You can either purchase beard oil or make it yourself (like me).  Applying beard oil is a simple process.  Depending on the thickness and length of your beard will determine how much beard oil you will need to apply (usually a dime-size at max).  Take some beard oil and spread it through your palms and fingers.  Once you’ve done this massage the oil deep into your skin and hair.  Once it has been massaged in, use your fingers to evenly distribute the remaining oil through you beard.

There you have it men, some simple tips to taking your beard to the next level of dapper.  Please let us know your thoughts on this.  We would love for you to share some of your epic beards with us.  Send us some pictures.  Thank you again for all of your support.

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