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The Gentleman’s Bow Tie

The Gentleman’s Bow Tie

In last couple of years the bow tie has made its appearance in public again. In fact it has once again become a great piece of the man’s wardrobe.  If you want to bring dapper back, then adding one or two bow ties to your personal style is a must.

The bow tie has a history of reaching as far back into the early 18th century. The bow tie speaks of class and inspiration.  The purpose of this article is not to encourage you to go on a spending binge in search of several bow ties.  Gentlemen keep the neckties in your closet.  The bow tie is used to compliment your wardrobe.  It’s not the main event.  So with that in mind consider purchasing two or three at the most, unless you’re going to start collecting them.

Jcrew Bow Tie

If you plan on wearing a bow tie here are a few suggestions to consider. First, you need to learn how to tie a real bow tie.  The reason for this is because every true gentleman needs to have this skill in his style arsenal. Now if you choose to give up your “man card” you can sissy your way out and select one from the vast pre-tied and clip on versions.

Second, always keep the seasons in mind.  Bow ties come in an array of different quality materials such as wools, silks, flannels, and denims.  When you select a bow tie keep in mind the weight of the material and the color as well. You want to wear light colors in the spring and summer and darker colors in the fall and winter.

Finally let’s talk about the ways you can wear a bow tie. First a very simplistic way to wear a bow tie is without a suit jacket or sports coat.  If you want to remain dapper and blend in a little casual look to your personal style, try rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt. Also consider substituting your suit jacket with a cardigan.  Second, if you want to be adventurous, add some braces to your fresh look. Another word for “braces” is suspenders.  These are a classic piece and well respected when worn correctly. Finally, mix and match your bow tie with some plaid.  Keep this one simple gents. Make sure the color of your bow tie matches the color of your plaid shirt.  Keep the color of your bow tie a solid color.

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