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The Gentleman’s Guide to Layers

The Gentleman’s Guide to Layers

O.K. guys let’s talk about the topic of “layers.” No I am not talking about layering up for the winter season. Most of the time men are accustom to wearing one shirt and a pair of pants or shorts, which is one layer for their outfit. When the chilly season hits, a jacket is added and perhaps a scarf as well, which adds a second and third layer of clothing. What I want to highlight in this article today is the simplicity and advantage of layering your clothing while still looking dapper as a gentleman.

Of course it’s easy to layer when the season is right for it, but you can also layer well enough to do it throughout the entire year. The question is “Why should I layer my wardrobe?” First of all let’s be real here. It’s practical. Adding layers of clothing to your outfit will increase your advantage of heat. When you get to warm the practical step to take would be to remove a layer of clothing. If you get too cold simply add a layer. The beauty of layering is its practical, but it’s also stylish. Layering well means it’s not only practical, but you look great with a layer on or off. Keep in mind gentlemen that variety is your foundation to build on.

Always start with a good shirt, pair of pants or shorts and build from there. Start by being adventurous and stray away from that basic pair of jeans and fitted t-shirt. Try taking advantage of accessories like ties, scarves, different colored shoes, or a colored jacket. Here are a few things to help build your foundation of layering for your wardrobe.

Stand Alones. Anytime you choose to layer your clothing, the item you wear needs to be able to stand alone. What I mean by this, is it can be worn by itself.   If you can’t wear it by itself, you have no business layering with it.


Simple Colors. Keep in mind that you don’t want to be a walking rainbow or circus tent.Try and stray away from bright colors with your layering. Keep it down to one or two bright colors, if needed. Don’t get me wrong. Colors are a good thing. Make sure that the rest are similar to one another. Let your foundation consist of normal colors and one or maybe two layers be bright that compliment your outfit.


Proper Length. When you layer your cloths pay special attention to where the hem of your first layer lands and so forth. The last thing a guy wants is for his shirt to be popping out under his cardigan. On that note…the current young hipster look with the untucked dress shirt hem dangling down past the sweater is ok, but keep in mind it looks more sloppy than stylish.


Understand Function. It’s always good to know your clothing choice and how it functions before you go on display with it publicly. Here are some thoughts. First, your underwear and t-shirts are never intended to be viewed by everyone else. Second, your next layer which should include some form or pants or shorts and a shirt, is simply your first line of clothing to cover you. People will and should see this. Third, wearing a jacket, vest, sports jacket or cardigan are for when you’re inside at a party, celebration or work and you have taken your outdoor coat off. Fourth, your fall, winter or spring coat is your outdoor layer.

 I hope you feel confident by now gentlemen that you can layer almost anything. That being said, we would love to hear your thoughts on layering. Have you been layering your clothing? If so, share with us some of your ideas. If not, what will you try first? We would love to see your comments. Thank you again for your support.

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