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The Gentleman’s Pocket Square

The Gentleman’s Pocket Square

Today gents we are going to talk about one of the past’s most neglected accessories when it comes to the man’s personal style and wardrobe.  It’s the pocket square.  For years this fancy piece of cloth called a handkerchief had made its appearance in the breast pocket of many suits and sport coats and then disappeared until recently.  Now men all over the globe are catching on to the power and presentation of the pocket square.

Even though you may be sporting a fresh tie, your suit can still look good, but not dapper.  That’s why you need a pocket square with it.  This can be a great sign to others that you pay attention to quality and detail.  Let’s make this easy for all of mankind right now.  Here is the general fashion guideline for wearing a pocket square.  Anytime you wear a suit or a sports jacket, where a pocket square.  I know that’s pretty tough to accomplish (Enter sarcasm).

Pocket squares come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Most men start to stress out over the process of complimenting their suits or sport coats.  Relax it’s easier than you think.  Don’t be scared by color or pattern.  Here are three simple tips when trying to compliment your suit and tie or sport coat.  First, don’t purchase the infamous “Matching tie and pocket square sets.”  Stay away from these.  You want your pocket square to be different than the shirt and tie you’re wearing.  You want to create contrast subtly, but not overtly.

Second, let your pocket square compliment your suit or sport coat.  In this case your suit or sports jacket is the main event.  The pocket square is there to enhance what is already happening.  Therefore don’t wear a color or pattern that draws the eyes away from the suit or sport coat.  Finally, pay attention not only to the quality of fabric of the pocket squares but the jacket and tie too.  Wear silk with heavier fabrics and textured pocket squares with smooth ties.

When it comes to folding a pocket square there are several options to have fun with.  Please keep in mind that some are simple and others are a little more intense when it comes to folding.  Since I’m not an artist I have included for you a great “how to” page from the guys over at “TheFatCloth.”  They’re all about the pocket square.

There you have it gentlemen.  It’s time to take your suite and sport coats to a new level of dapper.  If you’re looking some good quality pocket squares for an affordable price I urge you to check out “The Tie Bar.”  The Tie Bar

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