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The Gentleman’s Spring Wardrobe Upgrade

The Gentleman’s Spring Wardrobe Upgrade

It’s pretty obvious that Spring has sprung in most of our areas of living.  This means it’s time to put away your winter wardrobe and bring out your spring style.  Before you do that, we want to offer you a few steps and ideas to make your spring style a bit more dapper. Most of the time guys just start wearing light clothing and brighter colors, but there is more to prepping for the spring season. For most gentlemen getting ready spring for can be so simple, because it’s just a change in seasons and things such as yard work and getting the pool ready for summer understandably take priority. What if we could narrow this “extra” grueling process down into just a few and effective steps for every guy to apply?  We guarantee spring prepping your wardrobe wouldn’t be a chore.  Let’s get started.

The Spring Clear Out.

The fall and winter months are notorious enablers when it comes to adding up more and more in our closets.  We get bombarded with fall and winter sales and then blasted with Christmas gifts (No complaints).  Spring Cleaning your closet needs to be kept simple and efficient.  It’s bad enough that our days are packed full of other things.  First, know what you have.  If you don’t now is a good time to get to know your current wardrobe.  Second, separate your clothing into seasons such as Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  This will help decrease any clutter in your closet or dresser. Then put everything else away in storage bins with labels.

A Well Organized Closet

Third, spend no more than five minutes per pile.  That’s right you need to make this next step quick.  Why?  Way too often we tend to develop emotional attachment to our clothing.  Sure we invest a lot of time, effort, and money into our wardrobe, but when it comes to cleaning we need to be quick at making decisions.  So only spend five minutes per pile and purge each one of anything that is ripped, has holes, un-washable stains, and anything that no longer fits you.

Finally once you are finished, put everything back.  If you want some ideas on how to organize your closet more specifically we suggest you read our article on closets.  Are there are any left over cloths that you chose to purge?  Then consider selling them online or taking them to a local thrift store.  Make sure that you keep everything clean and maintained otherwise you can end up where you started.

Spring Foundations.

If you’re reading this article with the intention of looking for the latest fads and trends for men’s spring fashion you may want to stop reading here. The reality is we can spend time giving you plenty of “current fad” ideas, but that wouldn’t benefit you in the long run.  We are dedicating this to helping you form your wardrobe foundations for spring.

The Classic White V-Neck T-Shirt.

You can never go wrong with the white V-neck t-shirt.  This stylish essential has made it through the years and will continue to.  Every man needs one or more of these.  You can pair this with cardigans, a pair of shorts on its own, well-fitted jeans, or chinos just to name a few.  Make sure that the t-shirt you purchase fits well in all the right places, not too baggy and not too tight.

The Oxford Shirt.

Oxford shirts are fantastic for spring because they are so versatile.  It can be used for casual or business dress.  Regardless you will always look sharp and dapper.  We want to encourage you to stay away from the color white.  You should already own a white oxford.  Instead expand your horizons and invest in light blue, light yellow, or even a light purple.  Gentlemen, wear these colors with a nice blazer or a pair of chinos with confidence and no one will question you.  You got this!

The Colored Slim-Fit Chinos.

Every gentleman should own at least one pair of khaki slim-fit chinos.  Now is your opportunity to expand your color pallet.  A quality pair of chinos can work well with an oxford, polo t-shirt, or jacket just to name a few.  Your possibilities are endless and you will look amazing at the same time.  Expand your wardrobe and personal style by adding colors such as burgundy, light green, or gray chinos.  Finally if you’re looking to have a better understanding of the difference between khakis and chinos check out our article here.

The Classic Denim Jacket.

The jean jacket for men is always a classic piece for your spring wardrobe.  They are always affordable and stylish.  If you are going to purchase one make sure that you purchase one that is one size smaller than what you actually wear.  You want your jean jacket to fit to your body so there is no extra material that can bunch up.


Have a wonderful spring season gentlemen.  We hope that these ideas and tips will benefit you and your wardrobe.  Please be sure to comment below and let us know what purchases you decided to go with and why.

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