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The Gentleman’s Swimwear

The Gentleman’s Swimwear

In the Eastern part of the United States where I live summer is slowly approaching. Actually summer is teasing us right now. A day of warm beautiful sunshine and then we are graced with three to four days of rain. I guess we call that “spring” here in Pennsylvania. One thing I do know is once summer officially arrives here, men will be hitting the beaches and entertaining poolside with friends, girlfriends, wives and families.

So guys, today we are going to take a look at swimwear. The market for swimwear contains a very broad rage of styles ranging from speedos to board shorts. Now I could certainly give you a list of the different styles of swimwear for gentlemen, but that would be too average. Dapper men are not looking for average and neither are those who will be in your presence when you’re wearing them. Instead of running to the department store this year and grabbing the same old style of swimwear you’ve been wearing since you were a child, it’s time to wear swimwear that fits your body type. I would love to hear what you’re currently sporting around the pool or beach.

Dimensions Matter. Let’s be honest. How many of us go to the department store looking to purchase a pair of swim trunks and consider our height and build? I have a feeling that is hardly the case for any of us. If you do, then “hats off” to you! Keep up the great work. When we choose the right swimwear, we have to choose what is right for us personally. Before you purchase anything, I want to encourage you to know your height and build. Once you do, the following will make complete sense.

Tall and Thin. For all of you who are 6′ or taller gentlemen with a slim build, I want to suggest that you try wearing traditional board shorts. Make sure that they end above the knee. Also be sure to avoid the baggy board shorts. You want to swim in the water, but not in your swimwear. Another area to avoid for this type of build is the Speedo. Since you’re a man, you don’t want to come off looking like a little child. When it comes to choosing the right color always try to match your skin color. If you’re “pasty” white like me, I tend to avoid bright colors. If you’re darker complected then go for some lighter or bright colors.

Traditional Board Shorts

Tall and Big. When it comes to big and tall as a gentleman, you want to look long and have a dark look to you. Not in a “creeper” way. In this particular case I would suggest wearing solid colored board shorts. If you desire to wear a pattern, then go for vertical stripes. You want to avoid Speedos, any thong style swimwear, Speedo briefs, and swim trunks.

Solid Colored Board Shorts

Tall and Built. This is an easier one to match. If you are 6′ or taller, have broad shoulders and a built chest, then you can wear whatever you would like. The reason for this is because if you keep your body in excellent condition anything will look good on you.

Short and Built. If you were more on the short and well built side, then I would encourage you to wear a trunk or boxer style swimsuit. In this case you will want to avoid articles such as board shorts.

Boxer Style Trunks

Short and Thin. When you are short and thin look to wear trunks or board shorts. Look to acquire more of a slim fitting pair of board shorts and stay away from bold and oversized prints.

Avoid Wearing. If you want to look great poolside or at the beach picnic, here is few something that I suggest you avoid wearing. Avoid the large print logos, symbols, or brand names. Unless you’re getting paid to advertise for that particular company try your hardest to stay away from them. They make you come off as trying to hard.

Logo Printed Board Shorts

Maintain Your Swimwear. One final key that is important when it comes to your swimwear. No matter what type of swimwear you have, please make sure that you always rinse your shorts thoroughly after you use them. The reason for this is because the chlorine from the pool as well as the salt from the sea will wear hard your fabric. Then your investment will literally be “washed up.”

I’d love to hear from you and how your shopping experience for the right type of swimwear worked for you. What is your body type and did any of the material I wrote help you? Did I miss anything? Do you have any suggestions that I may have left out? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and I will respond back to you. If you enjoyed today’s post and want to receive all that The Dapper Gentleman has to offer please subscribe by email. 

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